Why is a responsive website a must-have today?

person holding white samsung android smartphone

This article is for those who haven’t updated their website design in the last 10 years. No judgment, happens to the best of us…. but here, take a look and judge for yourself if you still want to stick with your old website.

The answer to the “Why?” in the question above is: because technology has progressed.

Ten years ago people mainly browsed the internet from their desktop computer, while today with the omnipresent internet connection we surf the web whenever and wherever we feel like it, need info or are simply bored. From our phone, or from our tablet, whichever is at hand during travel or the coffee break.

A website that doesn’t automatically adjust in layout to the size of the screen of the user, is losing visitors for you. “Responsive” refers to this feature of automatic adaptation in size and layout of a website.

To keep up with the demand of customers, it is strongly recommended you have a website that makes it possible for your clients to book a ticket/reserve a table, or shop and pay online safely and comfortably via their phone or tablet.

That’s kind of just the basics. Part of the essentials. After having a responsive website of course, you need to advertise, deliver an excellent product/service and care about your customers (and customer loyalty). But it all starts with making sure they can reach you, interact with you and buy from you on the internet, from any device they might be using. It’s like having a shop, you see?

Hands of woman using mobile device and card for buying in internet shop

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