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"The creative process is the essence of the finished product."
Giovanni Frino

MC Joe City

A home food ordering application linked to the online site, the Mc Joe’s
updates products on the site, which automatically synchronizes the app as well.
Push notifications, discount management, possibility to close and open the app to block the
lordings at any time as for Christmas or New Year.
Mc Joe City is a food delivery chain in Ticino, Switzerland with 5 stores between
Bellinzona and Lugano.

Qua la Zampa Biasca

Our animal friends, near and far, always need us. So the store
Qua la Zampa of Biasca has decided to create with us the app in order to better
serve its customers better.
With this app customers can manage their orders, save their favorite products to be re
order again, see all the history of orders made. All at their fingertips.
In addition, the app is an incredible means of customer loyalty.