kDrive by Infomaniak

The most secure cloud for SMEs.

Infomaniak Drive is a privacy-friendly solution that allows you to collaborate and access your data from all your devices.


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Share and access your files from all of your devices

Whether you are at the office, at home or on the move, you always have your data with you. kDrive is compatible with all operating systems and all devices.

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Work together in the same place and increase efficiency

Easily share your files and work together with several others in real time on text documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

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kDrive includes a full office suite, so there's no more need for Office 365.

Infomaniak Drive is 100% compatible with Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. Do you prefer LibreOffice or OpenOffice? Those work, too.

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Migrate from Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive with one click

With a few quick clicks, you can automatically import all your existing data into a secure and privacy-friendly cloud.

Entrust your data to an independent, Switzerland-based Cloud

  1. Your data is encrypted.
  2. kDrive is developed and hosted exclusively in Switzerland.
  3. We do not analyse or resell your data.
  4. Infomaniak is owned by its founders and its employees.
  5. Our confidentiality policy is transparent.

Let go – your data will be here when you return

kDrive permanently backs up your data on at least three media and in two data centres. You can sleep soundly in the knowledge there’s no risk of you losing anything.

All of your favourite features are here, with added security

Swiss online Services is an official re-seller of kDrive Cloud Software Solution