The Green Journey to Wellness

Proudly presenting one of our biggest eCommerce sites, a multi-language site that promotes well-being through all-natural, organic skincare and household products.

An extensive product range that offers healthy alternatives to anyone looking for body scrubs or lotion to shampoo to shower gel to laundry detergent and other cleaning products. Nampex Plc decided to supply and distribute only products that safeguard the well-being and health of the consumers and the environment, and kept to their original promise ever since the beginning.

You can look around in their shop here:

online shop web design
the home page
online shop web design
the shop, with the menu on the side
online shop web design
Individual product page with a detailed description on everything one might want to know before deciding to buy
Section with login, dedicated to professionals who can order at wholesale price

The design started out from the clay-green shade, evoking the main active ingredient of the Argital clay product line. A functional menu, over 200 items in the shop, and a reserved area for the resellers complete the picture.

Natural products are fairly popular already, but before people start to buy them on a daily basis, basing their shopping choices on quality rather than on price, a whole lot of changes will have to happen. So to build an all-natural brand can be a challenge, but Nampex definitely made it seem easy.

The key ingredient of their success was the distribution of their products in organic shops and drugstores, pharmacies, beauty salons, spas and hotels and so on. And an EXCELLENT quality.

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