The Age of eCommerce and Ordering Online

web design for online shops

We live in the age of eCommerce businesses, and the last two years just made the trend stronger with the being closed up in our apartments and whatnot. People did buy mostly online during the pandemic — clothes, electronics, presents and food.

With customer habits shifting to purchasing online, we at Swiss Online Services saw the number of requests to create online stores double during recent years.

Here is what we offered to them:

  • tailor-made design that allows them to determine the structure of the store and the layout of the product pages
  • powerful hosting that makes sure every page loads fast, for a pleasant user experience
  • secure payment with different payment options so that everybody is able to pay on the site no matter what credit card they are using
  • indexing of the pages for a healthy presence on the internet (people looking for their products find them)
  • eventual ad campaigns on Google/Facebook and Instagram for those who wanted to grow their business fast and build up a strong customer base

Some of the latest we did on this:

web design for ecommerce
The “Oasis of Spices”, an online shop that sells spices
web design online shop
eCommerce site for high quality garments made of merino wool

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