Swiss Precision in the Production of Ceramic Precision Components

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Is the famed Swiss precision useful when it comes to the production of precision components made of zirconia-, alumina ceramics, ruby or sapphire? Well, yeah, probably! For Swiss Jewel, one of our latest client, being Swiss is however only a coincidence. They would be leaders in their market either way, Swiss or not, based on their professionalism and care for details.

Active in the world market since 1911, Swiss Jewel offers a wide range of high performance products manufactured according to customer designs and specifications. Ceramic components are manufactured in-house entirely, from powder to finished product. Technical Glass and Sapphire are supplied from competent raw material manufactures and worked in house to customer’s design.

The purpose of the website is to present the company and emphasise the fact that anything is possible that the client wants and needs. A well-arranged and tidy design makes it easy to absorb information from the page.

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