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Types of Web Hosting

There is many Web Hosting companies out there and different types of hosting technology based on capacity, control, technical knowledge required to manage these server, speed, reliability. In this article we try to summarise the main ones.

  • Shared Hosting
    By far the worst, yes it’s cheap, yes is easy to use and set-up and yes is not secure, not well supported, slow. How does a shared hosting works? Is a server containing thousands of website and all sharing the same IP address, this makes it so that if one website sucks in terms of content, maybe is a porn website or a spam website and it gets labelled like this by Google, what gets labelled is the IP address, this includes your website. So if you prefer shared hosting good luck. Everyone is in the same room, if someone screams you can hear them, if someone uses all the resources due to traffic you can feel it as well on your performance.
  • Virtual private server (VPS) hosting
    Here you still run your Web Applications on a single machine shared by many users but the resources are divided, meaning you get your own resources of RAM, CPU, Memory etc. this has the advantage to contain costs but at the same time give good performance and security. Also here you can get your own dedicated IP. You are still onboard with company from other websites but you get your own room, windows and entrance door.
  • Dedicated server hosting
    As the word says, this is dedicated, is a computer all for you so you are safe, other websites can’t temper with their viruses and malware as they are completely separated. Here you get maximum freedom and control, you can choose the Operative System, the applications to use, everything. Of course is also more complex to manage and update.
  • Cloud hosting
    Here you get several computer sharing some resources together, here is a family of houses, group of houses, your website owns one of these houses, this is scalable.
  • Managed hosting
    This is like a cloud hosting but managed by a team of tech geeks so you don’t have to worry about technicality but just run your website. Someone takes care of updates, security, configuration, maintenance, this is the SPA of web hosting. This is what we offer, we offer WordPress Managed Hosting.
  • Colocation
    Place your own server in a private data center, you maintain the computer and technicality of it and they give you IP addresses, bandwidth, electricity and cooling system. Here you are on your own with the advantage of a server room at a cheaper cost.

ticinoWEB offers WordPress Managed Hosting at Swiss location. Yes, that’s right, Swiss Hosting which is powered by green energy. If you run a WordPress or want to develop a WordPress website this is the best you can get in the world.

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