Is Specialty Coffee Re-Shaping the World of Coffee As We Know It?

web design for specialty coffee roaster

If you are not familiar with Specialty Coffee yet, we highly recommend you to try it: the fragrance and the aroma, with their fruity or nutty notes, and the notion that every sip you take was brewed from organic coffee beans…it is something else. It also gives you the priceless feeling that you can enjoy your cup without any worries about chemicals or underpaid and exploited farmers. Specialty Coffee is actually a movement, bound to take the world by storm once people taste it!

Here we present the freshly designed and published website of our client, 47 Coffee, a Swiss coffee roaster working exclusively with specialty coffee farmers.

The key features are elegance and a reserved design, the so very coffee-coloured shade choices, and all the menu points that our client stressed should be there to give all the info one could be curious about when it comes to Specialty Coffee. Take a look at the website here:

His heartwarming review upon completion of the project shows just how satisfied he was with the result:

website design for specialty coffee roaster

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