How to survive the pandemic as a business?

There is a pandemic, how can we survive it as a business? Naturally, the current situation takes up a lot of our attention and thoughts. But let me call your attention to another risk: if we stop production altogether for some long weeks, the economy will greatly suffer. A lot of people probably are already worried for their jobs and the rent etc etc, a lot of business owners are pounding on the calculator to find out for how long they can extend salaries. So while we need to do everything authorities call on us to impede the spread of the virus, in order to actually save lives, there is this other responsibility that we have: keep the economy going. Things cannot stop altogether and totally. And this article is about that: how we can find ways to keep productive, keep rolling and not just give up and sit in front of the TV/social media etc the whole day. 

There are sectors where work can still be done. Sure, waiters/waitresses, theater/concert staff and so on are bound to stay home, there’s not much you can do about that. But if you are a small business owner who can advertise and seal future deals during this period, if you are a sales representative, if you can conduct your courses online, deliver fitness workout programs again online, and the list goes on… then you CAN do something about the current situation and CAN continue to grow your company. There are fitness coaches who are doing online sessions, group workouts these days on their website, via zoom or other applications. There are online course companies who enter in a golden age these days. Now, industry is a bit trickier but hey, call your customers and your partners to plan out the actions after all this madness has passed. Secure future deals by advertising and contacting prospects on online channels. On the other end of the phone line, your prospective customer is just as eager to restart production in his company as you are. So they will be open to talk about business even if no immediate production/delivery will take place. 

And at the root of all this: ADVERTISE.

PROMOTE your services and your products.

Let your existing clients and prospects know what and how you are going to produce and deliver once all this is finished. Let your broader target public know what your products/services are. You will find new clients, I can guarantee it. For one, your concurrence got confused for a while too, and they might stay put and don’t do anything — so there you’ve got an edge over them already. On the other hand, it might be more difficult to find interested prospects because also their attention got distracted from business, rightfully so — therefore you’ve got to advertise more intensely because of that. So there you’ve got two very good reasons to continue your advertisement and promotion and double it. That’s the only way to walk out unharmed at the other end of this period. 

And the other key point is PRODUCE — find a way to get your products out. Find a way to not stop totally. Even a plant could work on a skeleton crew, maybe slowed down but not totally stopped. A lot of companies are going into “home office mode”, setting up networks via Cloud services. In a lot of cases there is a way to continue work. The solution greatly depends on the actual situation, so instead of going into vague examples on this one, I’ll leave it up to you to have your bright ideas. 😉 (and again, while complying with official health regulations).

And if you really have to stop production, then engage into actions which prepare you for higher production once the limitations are over. Train yourself and your employees, get through backlogs of accounting/legal/sorting files. There is always something one can do that brings things forward. It will pay off. 

As for point #1, promotion, we can help you with online campaigns, get in touch for more information, and as for #2, production: just don’t stop, refuse to surrender and you will win. Stay healthy, stay productive.

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