How to Juice Up the Start of your New Year

Strategy Marketing concept

Time and time again we find it very useful to get re-oriented back to the basics. Here we share some of the most basic principles that we found worked every single time when we wanted to boost a client’s numbers.

Be present online. It’s essential to have a website nowadays, and best is to flank it with an online ad campaign. Google Ads and ads on social media can work miracles. Create a funnel, where people gradually can get involved with your company. It’s a vast subject, therefore, to stick to the basics as promised, we shall leave it at that.

Be among the first search results in Google. Experts in SEO (search engine optimization) can get you there.

Consider other online channels. There are plenty of advertising channels outside of Google and social media, too, that are worth being considered. Local newspapers’ online interfaces can offer you a great possibility to be visible for your type of public.

Be visible offline. Yes, it’s on the list, and among the basics. People will recall seeing your brand on billboards, in newspapers, and any other printed outlet. Whatever you can do to put your name (and phone number or website address) in front of people’s eyes, it is a valid method of advertisement.

The key is to be visible and let people know what you offer. It’s simple, isn’t it? Let’s keep it simple and concentrate on what matters the most: the core of your business.


As a marketing agency, we are ready to assist you with your online advertisement and build a funnel that works and consistently delivers new customers.

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