How to Get to Your Clients as though You were One of their Friends?

businesswoman typing message by phone on the city square

Or, Push Notifications and Other Goodies

Just imagine you could send an instant message to your usual customers, letting them know you have a limited time offer, or what the menu of the day is, or telling them about a happy hour offer, an event at your shop/in your pub etc and the guy would be immediately notified by a push message on his phone’s screen?

What could a direct line to your clients like that do for your business and customer loyalty?

Yes, that’s exactly what a company app can do for you.

All it takes is some incentives, giveaways and discounts for those who download the app. At the beginning you will probably need to drive a campaign to get all of your usual clients to download it. But from there on it becomes a habit for your staff, and the usual route a new client takes, and there you go! Your user base will keep growing and you’ll always have the possibility of directly communicating to them.

And so it maybe won’t be downloaded by millions of people. We get it that you are not Google. 😀

However, with a number of users ever so low (at least as far as Google would be concerned) you could attain great benefits. And you know, also your customers will appreciate that they can order their favourite pizza, vitamins, favourite brand of clothing, reorder supplies and so on and so on straight from the app in a simple way.

Let’s start working on your very own app. Contact us to discuss the details so that you can get a clear picture of the different options we offer.

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