How eCommerce sites have helped our clients avoid financial crisis

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while one half of the world is still stuck at home and waiting for the curve to be flat enough to be able to go on with life, Europe is slowly restarting and getting back to normal. Here in Switzerland most of the businesses are open and only the events and gatherings are cancelled for good as a precaution.

Now, if you are interested we would like to share some of our experience on how it went down over here. The hospitality industry has taken a hit — but watch this: restaurants that were fast enough to adjust and come up with online ordering and home delivery has survived pretty well, and at least managed to minimize the losses. True, there are entire pizza delivery chains specialized in home delivery already and they do have an advantage, but in these times there is space for everyone, as one thing is sure: people are eating in. So that’s point nr 1, eCommerce websites for restaurants that now offer home delivery, online payment, and contactless delivery. We saw it work, our clients and new clients said this innovation saved their businesses.

Point nr 2: Why not create an eCommerce for any other kind of product too? Online shopping is already pretty common, and now people mostly buy online. If you were selling exclusively off-line until now and don’t have an online shop yet, consider it, maybe it’s the right moment to create that e-shop. We have another client who just left his ticket agency for a while and turned to selling Italian wine on the internet – again, an eCommerce website that helped survive this period.

There are some sectors that specifically picked up due to the recent events: devices and solutions for online meetings and online events, not to mention the obvious and countless online shops that sell masks and sterilizing products. Well, it’s definitely a new market need, so they might as well match the demand. Then, health products: vitamins and supplements are needed like never before. On the other hand, the sedentary lifestyle of the last couple of weeks left people with a backlog of physical exercise, some excess weight and the need for workout programs and dietary supplements that will help them lose those newly accumulated pounds.

These are just some examples observed by us that show a shift in demand on the market.

Ok, for some of us it’s not so evident what to do next, and if you were not in the trade of selling goods until now, you might need to become real ingenious for this one. Look through your connections, possibilities and think for a moment what service or product you consider valuable for society that you’d like to sell. And you might just turn around the whole thing and make it the beginning of something exciting!

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