How can you turn your business experience into profits?

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Are you managing a successful activity? You know exactly how a company in your field should operate to be successful and would like to use this knowledge to further expand your business?

Read on, this article is for you.

You have your successful business patterns, it’s all worked out and functioning really well. You are ready to codify the pattern, and then provide it for other entrepreneurs — maybe in the form of a franchise, or as consultant. And make money out of your experience!

Did you know this could actually be a considerable income source of yours?


By creating a management software based on your successful business actions and methods. Don’t worry, we are going to help you with that, it’s not complicated. But you need to provide the business savvy here, you tell us what to program and we execute it. The end result: a highly functional and useful management software that sets up a company for success.

Then, we take this software and create your very own Software-as-a-Service platform, where you will provide your successful business model to other companies, for a monthly or yearly subscription to your software. So, for the user this will mean a possibility to sign up for a monthly/yearly subscription and use your management software in his company for that monthly/yearly fee.

Two Engineers Using CAD Programming Software On Laptop

Probably you started your business on Excel spreadsheets back in the day, or on paper. You can give the chance for the start-ups of today to immediately access a good management software in the cloud — yours.

This can work really well in the real estates sector, in transportation and logistics that we saw recent examples of, but there really is no limit to the application of it. The truth is, every company needs a good management software. And in some fields the sector specific features can make such a software specifically useful and coveted.

Add to it that SaaS, Software as a Service is a rapidly growing sector — according to Gartner, by 2022 this sector will grow to a 143 billion dollar level — and you’ll see that those entering the market now will have bigger possibilities to grab a good slice of it.

Maybe you think now that building a website that connects with the company software (Software as a service) probably costs hundreds of thousands of dollars.

It does, in some cases. It might take months of hard work, sweat and passion of several programmers to develop the new software.

And in some cases it DOESN’T.

The software that you want to make available and to which you want to receive regular payments, could also be easily developed based on existing solutions. Sure it will still cost more than a plain website, but here at Swiss Online Services we can develop your platform for the online sales of software and we can handle the hosting for you.

It is possible to construct it.

Here you can access a basic example.

Use login: demo
password: demo

And the costs are reasonable.

We are ready to help you with it. Let’s get in touch and start to talk about your project.

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