How Can a Fresh Design of your Website Help your Business?

responsive web design for company success

— the design of your website and your company’s success —

The design of your website is a bit dated? Would like to update it with new info and images, but don’t have access to the back-end?

Perhaps it’s not always an easy decision to have a go at re-designing your whole website. And we get it. It seems like a lot of trouble. And so, it often gets put off to an undefined later date.

However, if you have a non-responsive website — that is, one that doesn’t adjust automatically to the size of the screen on mobiles and tablets — you’re missing out on 70% of the traffic on the internet. This is the percentage of visitors who browse the web on their cellphone/tablet.

If they can’t read what’s written on the page or can’t click the menu to navigate, because the whole page is just so small on a mobile, well, they will quickly navigate away from your site, and understandably so.

Considering that your webpage is integral part of your image, and often the first part of your company a potential client encounters, the quality of your website does influence your client acquisition.

The ideal scene is that 1. your website is well-positioned on the internet and easy to find for interested potential clients, 2. offers an optimal user experience, and 3. forwards valid leads to your salespeople on a regular basis.

That’s what we are going for with every single website we design.

Some of our designs:

website design for plumbers
Website of Eco Pro Plumbing & Drains, Kitchener, Ontario
company website design
Website of Swiss Jewel Co SA, producer of precision components in zirconia- and alumina ceramics
web design ecommerce specialty coffee

eCommerce of 47 Coffee, a Swiss specialty coffee roastery

online shop web design
eCommerce of Nampex, retailer of organic cosmetic products

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