What is Marketing?

That’s quite a question, in fact Marketing is a lot of things and a lot can be said about it. But what I would like to go over with you is WHAT DOES IT DO

One thing which I see unnoticed is ADDED VALUE. Adding marketing to a product adds value in the eyes of the customer.

I will make an exampe, I offer you two apples, these are the same, from the same tree, BUT! I will tell you that the first apple was picked by a young and beautiful lady that dedicated her whole life to harvest apples and with the dream to bring her fruits on the table of everyone. The other apple is just an apple.

Which one you choose?

Nothing has changed on the quality and taste of the two apples, but I think I can anticipate your answer and say that you would choose the one picked by the young lady. And I will go even further, when you taste the two apple you will think that the one from the lady is more delicious.

So what is the real difference here? Is marketing.

Marketing is an added value to the product itself.

The work of a good marketing agency is to build that story, based on real facts, and communicate it to the audience that will buy and eat your apples.

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